What are the various paper weights we used for printing

Paper weight refers to the thickness and sturdiness of paper, typically measured in pounds (lb) or grams per square meter (gsm). Different paper weights are suitable for various purposes, such as printing, crafting, packaging, and more. Here are some common paper weights and their typical uses:

  1. 20 lb (75 gsm): This is standard copy paper weight and is often used for everyday printing, photocopying, and writing.
  2. 24 lb (90 gsm): Slightly thicker than standard copy paper, this weight is commonly used for presentations, reports, and double-sided printing.
  3. 28 lb (105 gsm): A heavier option suitable for brochures, flyers, and other promotional materials. It provides a more substantial feel and durability.
  4. 32 lb (120 gsm): Used for high-quality printing, presentations, and documents where a premium look and feel are desired.
  5. 60-80 lb (163-216 gsm): This range is often used for cardstock and thicker paper products, including business cards, postcards, and invitations.
  6. 100-140 lb (270-380 gsm): Heavier cardstock that’s suitable for crafting, scrapbooking, and creating more durable projects like book covers and tags.
  7. 200-300 lb (540-810 gsm): Extra-heavy cardstock used for specialty projects, such as art prints, packaging, and structural applications like paper sculpture.
  8. Cover Stock: Generally refers to heavyweight paper ranging from 50-100 lb (135-270 gsm) or higher, commonly used for book covers, brochures, and cards.
  9. Text Weight: Lighter paper typically used for book interiors, magazines, and other reading materials. The weight can vary but usually falls between 50-100 lb (135-270 gsm).
  10. Newsprint: A lightweight paper commonly used for newspapers, flyers, and low-cost printed materials. It’s usually around 30-35 lb (49-56 gsm).

It’s important to note that paper weight can vary slightly depending on the manufacturing process and the specific type of paper. Always check the specifications provided by the paper manufacturer to ensure you’re selecting the appropriate paper weight for your intended use.

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