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Print 702 Specializes in building and managing social campaigns that create a strong online presence for our clients. There is a method to execute this successfully and if done wrong, it can actually have a negative impact on your business.

We are continuously updating our knowledge base as technology is constantly changing. We know how overwhelming the whole idea of Internet Marketing can be, and how time consuming it is to build a social base.

Our company specializes in cultivating the relationship of small to mid-sized businesses and their Internet presence and brand recognition.

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Social Plans & Pricing

One Social Media Platform (Usually Facebook) 

$999 per month | $699 Onboarding Fee 


  • Initial consultation
  • Custom social media profile page/upload images/logo
  • Social media profile optimization/add business description and information.
  • Weekly engagement. Engaging with your customers and followers, building relationships and brand awareness.
  • Hashtag research. Regularly updated.
  • Keyword Research/Tagging Research.
  • Integrate website and social media profiles.
  • Build links to and from website with posts.
  • 4 interesting and relevant shares/posts, of curated content, testimonials, client provided content, some original content weekly (total 16 shares/posts a month)
  • 10 original content post monthly shared
  • Insight Analysis
  • Monthly reporting

Add Ons: (additional fees)

  • Monitoring of social media profile/customer inquiries and relations. (more details needed for quote)
  • Pixel Integration | $200
  • Google Analytics implementation | $200

Social media plans can be combined with SEO and website maintenance plans for better rates.

Give us a call and we’ll set up the perfect plan for you (702)960-0629.

It takes time to build quality marketing campaigns. In general we post about 3-5 times per week per platform. Posting more than that can become annoying to your audience. Our focus is on brand awareness and building relationships with your prospects. Our posts are relevant and interesting per your industry and/or current events and general information.

Our basic social media plans cost $500, $900, $1200 respectfully per month, with a minimum 6 month commitment. 

Social Media Individual Setup and Pricing

Facebook is an essential platform for businesses, as it provides a vast user base and numerous tools to reach and engage with your target audience. We offer comprehensive Facebook marketing services that include:

  • Business page setup: Our team will create and optimize your business’s Facebook page, ensuring it is visually appealing, user-friendly, and complete with all the necessary information about your company.
  • Profile and cover photo design: We will design professional and eye-catching profile and cover images that align with your brand identity and make a strong first impression on visitors.
  • Content creation and scheduling: Our expert content creators will develop engaging and relevant content, tailored to your audience’s preferences. We schedule the content strategically, maximizing visibility and engagement.
  • Ad campaign management: We leverage Facebook’s powerful advertising platform to create targeted ad campaigns, reaching the right people at the right time. Our team will handle everything, from ad creation and audience targeting to budget management and optimization.
  • Analytics and performance tracking: With our in-depth performance analysis, we monitor the success of your Facebook marketing efforts, providing insights on key performance indicators, audience demographics, and content performance. This information allows us to refine your strategy and maximize ROI.

By incorporating these comprehensive Facebook marketing services, we ensure your brand reaches its target audience, fostering brand awareness, generating leads, and driving sales.

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