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Types of Folds on Print 702

Welcome to our “Types of Folds” section on Print 702, where we present a curated showcase of the different folding techniques available to bring your print projects to life. Each fold has its unique charm, functionality, and purpose, transforming ordinary paper into captivating designs that engage and inform. Here’s a brief overview of the types of folds you can explore:

Single Fold (or Half Fold):

This is the simplest of the folding methods. The paper is folded once down its middle, creating four panels (two on each side).


A popular choice for brochures, the paper is folded twice, creating three equal sections or panels. When unfolded, you’ll have six panels in total.


 Similar in appearance to the tri-fold but with each panel folding in the opposite direction, resembling the letter ‘Z’.

Gate Fold:

 Here, both sides of the paper fold toward the middle, like a gate. When opened, it unveils a large central panel perfect for showcasing central themes or designs.

French Fold (or Quarter Fold):

 The paper is folded in half and then folded in half again, creating a compact, four-paneled piece.

Accordion Fold:

 Consisting of multiple panels folded alternately in opposite directions, the accordion fold looks like its namesake musical instrument when expanded.

Roll Fold:

Panels fold inwards, rolling in on themselves. With each section decreasing in width, it ensures each panel reveals itself sequentially when opened.

Double Parallel Fold:

 The paper is folded in half and then folded in half again, but parallel to the original fold, producing a slender, four-panel design.

Cross Fold:

This method first involves folding the paper in one direction and then folding it perpendicularly. It’s common for large maps or posters.

As your trusted print partner, Print 702 ensures precision and creativity in each fold, amplifying the impact of your printed material. Dive deep into each fold type, view samples, and determine the perfect style that aligns with your project’s vision. With our expert guidance and top-tier printing technology, let your ideas unfold into tangible masterpieces.

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