About Us

702 Print & Marketing offers businesses and companies of any size a convenient, one-stop source for printing and visual marketing needs from the smallest brand logo to the largest billboard. We are a local company that is a strong part of the Las Vegas community and provide full-service print and mailing solutions, graphic design, web development, and other services serving small and large businesses in Las Vegas. 

About Us

Our Story

A long time back, we needed to get something printed. However, what we received was bad customer service and poor quality. We didn’t want anyone else to go through the same hassle and inconvenience. That experience also made us realize that things could be so much better. Hence, we decided to do it ourselves. Yes, we formed a company that we and you would be proud of.

702 Print & Marketing started as a small, customer-oriented, nimble, and family-owned business. And since our inception, our team has placed immense focus on the comfort, convenience, and ease of our customers in Las Vegas. We’re Vegas Born and we are proud of that.

Excellent products, affordable prices, and superb customer service! Simple to order from with the quickest turnarounds! 702 Print & Marketing stands behind every promise that we make to a customer. 

We specialize in helping businesses and companies get the most value from their marketing and printing budgets.

Our Mission

Something Other Than Ink On Paper

At 702 Print & Marketing, our mission transcends beyond mere service delivery; we are committed to creating the finest prints for the most affordable prices available in the Las Vegas, NV valley. We understand the significance of clear, high-quality, and captivating prints in propelling your business to greater heights. To this end, we have harnessed state-of-the-art printing technology and a team of dedicated professionals to ensure your printing needs are met with utmost precision and satisfaction. In the city that never sleeps, we stand as a beacon of excellence, providing unparalleled print solutions that not only meet your expectations but exceed them, ensuring you get the absolute best for your investment.

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

In addition to our premier printing services, we take pride in offering the most cost-effective social media marketing packages, tailored to amplify your brand’s presence and engagement across various platforms. We know the pulse of the digital age, and our experts are adept at creating and executing robust marketing strategies that will escalate your brand’s visibility and impact. At 702 Print & Marketing, we don’t just aim for customer satisfaction; we strive for customer delight by providing exceptional services that fuel your business’s growth, ensuring it reaches the zenith of its potential. Entrust us with your needs, and let us embark on this journey of growth and excellence together.




Our Values

The Principal and Last Advance in Printing

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Read what our clients say

Our commitment is to provide the best services, but do not simply take our word for it. Please read what our clients think. 

About Us

Our Commitment to Giving Back

We have always felt that it is not just important, but a responsibility to give back to and support the Las Vegas community. We are not your average printing company. We are a locally rooted company that wants to give back and help the local community thrive and prosper.  Committed to working alongside several Las Vegas nonprofits and small businesses, 702 Print & Marketing has become efficient in all the services that your organization or business may require. We believe in giving back to society and have been associated with many non-profits.

Our Values

Why Choose Us

We offer a wide range of print, graphic design, and related services to help you develop an effective and unique brand identity. Apparel, printed material, truck graphics, websites, promotional items… we will create a company image that will boost customer confidence in your brand. 

702 Print & Marketing specializes in printing, web, and digital design, graphic design, PPC, and social media marketing. 

  • Around 15 years of success in the printing and visual design industry 

  • 5-star customer reviews on websites like Google Places and Yelp. Customers like us!

  • We are an SEMRush Agency Partner and a Google Premier Partner.

  • Order online, through phone or email – whatever is the simplest and most convenient for you!

  • Real people will answer your phone calls. You will not have to waste valuable time listening to automated messages. Yes, we hate that too.

  • We operate efficiently with state-of-the-art machinery and tools to pass the cost savings along to you.

Our Mission

Your Creative Partner

At 702 Print & Marketing, we know and understand how challenging and tricky it can be for a small business with limited resources to find the time to properly develop a brand and promote itself. If you run or manage a small business in Las Vegas, but want to stand out from the crowd, our team will help make you look like a major player. We can help you get an edge over your competition by offering ideas, solutions, and products that will set you apart. 

Our professionally trained and experienced graphic designers and other professionals know how to use their creative abilities and talents to improve the look and feel of your printed projects.

We have a lot to offer large businesses as well. If you already have a successful business with a prominent brand, 702 Print & Marketing can provide quality products and services, such as printing and web hosting, which maintain company standards. 

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Whether you need printed collateral, such as brochures or business cards, or are planning an important project, put our 15 years of experience and expertise to work for you! Please call us or contact us online.

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